Tasting: Writers Tears – Marsala Cask

We’re definitely fans of Walsh Whiskey here at the Dublin Whiskey Society. The Irishman is a firm favourite, and so we were excited to try the limited release of Writers Tears with a Marsala cask finish.

I knew that glass from Whiskey Live would come in useful!

This edition is a blend of Single Pot Still and Single Malt whiskeys. The initial ageing is in American oak bourbon casks, followed by 12 months finishing in ‘hogshead’ Marsala casks from the Florio winery in Sicily. As a result, we expected oaky vanilla with heaps of syrupy, marmalade-like Marsala taste – and we weren’t disappointed!

This is a non-chill filtered whiskey, which – at 45% – is a little higher than Walsh’s standard. This makes the Marsala taste even more intense. On pouring, you instantly get wonderful sweet aromas. They start with Golden Syrup, which gives way to an apple freshness.

On first pour, I waited before tasting. The explosion of aromas threatens an overwhelming experience on the palate, but this wasn’t the case. Despite the heaviness of the aroma, there is a refreshing lightness when you taste. You get notes of dried apple, nuts and a burst of fresh fruit at the end. It didn’t have a long finish for me, but it builds as you drink.

Overall, a very pleasant addition to the cabinet and another strong whiskey from Walsh’s.

On The Nose: Golden Syrup, apple, tropical fruits

On The Palate: Fresher, toasted nots and fresh fruits

Finish: Not particularly long, but builds as you finish the glass

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